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    Chongqing green science and technology development (group) corporation limited was founded in 1996, the capital of company registration was 50 million yuan, is the new and high technology enterprises of nation, the LED intelligent control technology Chongqing engineering research center, the key overseas Chinese science and technology ventures in Chongqing. The staff includes research and development, management, sales and construction of more than 200 people. Have over 30 items national invention patents technology of proprietary intellectual property rights, possess of a scientific team with software and hardware, multi-colored temperature intelligent lighting. Holdings the Chongqing smart city construction corporation limited, the Chongqing green science and technology multi-colored temperature intelligent lighting institute, the Chongqing green science and technology multi-colored temperature intelligent lighting corporation limited, the Chongqing green science and technology Internet of things corporation limited, the Chongqing green science and technology industry corporation limited ,the Pujin lighting corporation limited in Nanhai district Foshan city. Total 3000 square meters of office space, workshop, warehouse, covers 5 mu (Golden spruce garden, No.1 Nanshan park road, Nan’an Distract, Chongqing, China).

    The company is a modern science and technology company,  which is the main research and development the LED intelligent lighting product and smart city “cloud platform”, focuses on research and development, design, manufacturing the multi-colored temperature prevent fog and haze LED full intelligent lighting product such as street lamp, tunnel lamp, high mast lamp, chinese style lamp. Smart door lock and other smart home products; Committed to develop the intelligent management system such as intelligent street lamp, tunnel lamp and smart gas, transportation, environmental, community, sanitation, meteorology, medical, education and so on. The company main promotion of contract energy management (EMC) lighting energy conservation reform project, design, financing, transformation in energy conservation project (including construction, equipment installation, operation management) and other services, have three level of professional contract qualification in urban road lighting project. Has been formed an integrated business model of consultation service, design, sales, engineering implementation and technical popularization.

    Our company used the proprietary intellectual property rights invented the patent technology whose “ Internet + multi-colored temperature prevent fog and haze LED street lamp, tunnel light six remote control system (ZL201520493805.4)” (abbreviation: the technology), through the science and technology novelty search report (report number: J201508016831) proved that is unique “Created in china” advanced technology in intelligent manufacture field of LED street lamp.And used this technology manufactured the “Internet+multi-colored temperature prevent fog and haze LED full intelligent street lamp” and “smart city ‘cloud platform’ intelligent lighting management system”. It's a perfect combination of “street lamp” and “intelligent system”. The technology has been approved to found the technological achievements project of small and medium-sized enterprises in Chongqing in 2015(Chongqing small corporates [2015] No.188). All three products as multi-colored temperature prevent fog and haze LED full intelligent street lamp, tunnel lamp, control system has been assessed the high-tech products in Chongqing in 2017. And has been included in guidance directory that the key to encourage procurement of products in Chongqing ( 2016 edition); Internet + pilot demonstration project in Chongqing in 2016; Guidance project of technological innovation in chongqing in 2016. Obtained the first of “reduced haze innovation technology award” throughout the country LED in 2015, acquired contribution award(innovation achievement) in the scope of the overseas chinese in the sixth and technical innovation awards of LED in china in the fourth.

    We have realized the industrialization of the interdisciplinary research achievements in the field of multi-colored temperature prevent fog and haze LED lighting by used the technology. Using the “Internet+”multi-colored temperature prevent fog and haze LED full intelligent street lamp, tunnel lamp to implement the green lighting and energy-saving renovation of urban streetlights. As the same time, through the “smart city” “cloud platform” intelligent street lamp and tunnel lamp management system to realize the intelligent management of urban lighting and accelerate the construction of smart cities. The company takes the LED full intelligent street lamp and other lighting equipment as the perception carrier, relying on smart city cloud platform intelligent lighting management system, further promote the construction of information system for smart transportation, smart environmental protection, smart meteorology, smart community, smart sanitation, smart municipal administration, smart medical, smart education. Through the smart city public information platform to integrate and apply of social public information resources, We will promote social management, improve the quality of public services, and accelerate information facilitates people’s lives, we will fully implement the function of public services in smart city.

    The main features of the series products of the multi-colored temperature prevent fog and haze full intelligent street lamp: In different seasons, depending on human sensory needs and environmental climate change, smart city cloud platform intelligent street lamp management system automatically adjusts the light color temperature to the most comfortable lighting value (3500 ~ 5500K warm white light to white light), to solve the problem of the comfortable demand of urban street lighting effectively. In the rough weather of rain, fog, haze, snow and storm, through the sensor technology of PM2.5, temperature, humidity and rain, remote adjusts LED lights to the yellow in intelligent (3000K). Using the characteristics of best diffractivity, high intensity of scattering, long radiated wave in yellow light, make the lights more visible, to solve the driving safety problem effectively. A multi-colored temperature LED street lamp can be used as many single-colored LED street lamp, it can increase the efficiency by 10%, more than double the service life and higher cost-efficiency.

    So far, the technology has successful application of across the board toll station, service area and Tieshanping, Huashan, Huangcaoshan, Tongxinzai, Miaobao tunnel in Chongqing Yupei G50 freeway; the whole line of toll stations and service areas in Chongqing Yurong G5013 freeway; Qingmuguan tunnel in Yusui freeway; Jiulongpo Shixin road, Shipingqiao tunnel; Caiyuan road, Longjiawan, Huangshaxi, Eling, Yuanjiagang lawn tunnels in Yuzhong district; Caiyuanzhachang road, Fenglin road, Efeng branch road in Na’nan distract; Yingbin road in Fengdu county; Hanyu road under tunnel in Shapingba district; Whole urban in Yunyang, etc. And through the examination of national authoritative organization, the Important parameters such as “brightness uniformity”and “illumination of pavement” reached the national leading level, the cumulative contract amount was more than 100 million yuan, that have obtained good social and economic benefits.Meanwhile, the technology have been reported by several media reports. For example, “Innovation-driven development”:The ‘Chongqing made’ intelligent color-lamp have reached the international advanced level from Chongqing TV “network news Program”. “ ‘Chongqing made’ prevent fog and haze LED street lamp have acquired support from domestic and foreign markets” of Chongqing daily. “Chongqing enterprise researched and developmented the ‘chameleon’ LED street lamp”. “Did you’ve seen the ‘chameleon’ LED street lamp”, etc. “Created in china” soft light of The World street lights multi-colored temperature, remote setting brightness LED street lamp and tunnel lamp from China website. Hundreds of websites including the people's government of Chongqing municipality were reprinted.

    The company is adhering to the concept of “expanding innovation and good faith in management”, have successful research and development of the multi-colored temperature prevent fog and haze LED full intelligent street lamp, tunnel lamp advanced manufacturing technology, it is a revolution in the application of LED street lighting in the world, filling the blank of “multi-colored temperature” full intelligent lighting of urban street lamps.As the founder and leader of the world’s multi-colored temperature prevent fog and haze LED  intelligent lighting field, We will continue to increase technological and innovation to create more brilliant achievements in the field of LED intelligent lighting.


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