Smart city cloud system (SCCS) is the core of modern intelligent technology. Smart city cloud platform of intelligent building, intelligent lighting, intelligent transportation, medical wisdom, wisdom education, wisdom, wisdom, wisdom, justice and environmental protection, people's livelihood wisdom fire intelligent system together, the integration of a comprehensive monitoring and management related, integrated and coordinated the system, the system of information sharing and the reasonable allocation for each application system to overcome the lack of coordination of independent operation, the "information island" phenomenon.
Smart city cloud platform intelligent building intelligent application system includes: integrated information system, intellectual property and facility management system, building management system, public security system, "card" management system, fire alarm system, intelligent room control system, electronic bulletin and information integration in a unified computer network platform and unified interface to browse, display and operation environment, the application system of sharing and management, so as to realize intelligent among application systems of information resources interoperability and rapid response and linkage control, to achieve the purpose of automation monitoring and control.
SCCS design requirements, that is, the intelligent system management and monitoring of the above application system software and hardware equipment virtualization, clustering, big data. Through the SCCS intelligent system application software and hardware resource pool, network server pool, data storage pool of cloud platform integrated into a comprehensive monitoring and management of interrelated, integrated and coordinated the system. Based on Web technology, Internet, Internet of things, embedded and other modern technologies, the B/S+C/S computer architecture model is adopted. The requirements of system integration, network integration and software interface integration are realized. The system information is highly shared and distributed reasonably, and the phenomenon of "isolated islands of information" operated and separated from each other in the past is overcome.