"Chongqing China creation" Internet plus color temperature anti haze brightness remote adj

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"Chongqing China creation" Internet plus color temperature anti haze brightness
Remote control, new generation of LED intelligent street lamps and Remote Intelligence
Control system according to general monochromatic temperature, LED intelligence

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A, the product and supporting the remote intelligent control system for city across the country (especially haze city) highway tunnel lighting lamps, departments and the owners, adopt the cooperative contract energy management, sales in accordance with the quality of ordinary monochromatic temperature LED intelligent street lamp (the first batch purchase price promotional price);
Two, this product and remote intelligent control system in the country recruitment agent cooperation.
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January 2017

"China creation" Internet plus color temperature anti haze
Brightness remote intelligent remote control new generation LED street lamp
Introduction to applied manufacturing technology

50 years ago, the United States Ge Corp developed the world's first red LED, opened the history of LED. A few years ago, Internet plus color temperature, brightness and anti fog haze remote intelligent remote control of a new generation of LED lights, LSSP RF integrated circuit package, LSTGS intelligent color, light modulation integrated circuit package, LSXGF integrated circuit package, intelligent control system, hardware manufacturing, software development and application technology, with four kinds of Technology (hereinafter referred to as the: in the national high-tech enterprise technology) Chongqing green science and technology development limited company full fruition. The birth of this technology is a revolution in the history of LED street lamp application in the world. It fills up the blank of city street lamp "multi-color temperature" intelligent lighting. This technology is China's strategic emerging industries, in line with the central "innovation driven development strategy" and "supply side structural reform, in the field of street lighting will replace ordinary monochromatic temperature LED lamp manufacturing technology backward.

This technology includes intelligent controller, intelligent terminal, anti fog and haze of color temperature adjustable brightness controller, color temperature, brightness and anti fog haze remote intelligent remote adjustment LED lights "and" intelligent hardware and software programming, automatic detection of PM2.5, temperature, humidity, voltage, current, and no traffic security video, LiFi, man-machine cruise weather, traffic to the community to provide public service "wisdom city intelligent application of technology, compatible with other lights intelligent remote control system. The use of independent intellectual property rights of patent technology "Internet plus multi color LED lights, tunnel lights and six remote control system (ZL201520493805.4)" by the science and technology novelty, has won the "novelty search report" (No: J201508016831), that is "Chinese created" the one and only LED advanced technology of intelligent street lamp manufacturing; it has included in the "2015 annual scientific and technological achievements into the project" Chongqing City SME (small enterprises in Yuzhong 2015 No. 188), approved the establishment of Chongqing City Engineering Research Center [LED Intelligent Control Technology Chongqing 2015 technology development and reform 1865]; has been included in the "2016 Chongqing Internet plus pilot project", "2016 year Chongqing city technology innovation guidance project".

The technology also includes time, preset, time and automatic remote control and other control modes. Based on the ordinary monochromatic temperature LED lamp control system on the Internet, 4G mobile communication technology, the wireless intelligent control system, from the server to the centralized controller commands, each terminal controller for logarithmic kilometers in the interconnection of hearing, always a single lamp color temperature, brightness and anti fog haze remote adjustment, remote monitoring and alarm other functions.

The remote intelligent remote control new generation LED street lamp is made by two color temperature light source lamp groups, and an intelligent IC terminal controller is built-in. The intelligent terminal controller accepts a command collection controller, can always adjust the light source current, realize the general use of color temperature, brightness, anti fog and haze function. The color spectrum of the two light source light groups is more abundant than that of the ordinary monochromatic light source and lamp group, and the light is more beautiful and comfortable.

This technology has four major characteristics: (a) by PM2.5, temperature, light, temperature, ultrasonic sensors, radar and other high-definition camera automatic acquisition of the wisdom of the city required for environmental protection, meteorology, transportation, security and other data information sharing through cloud service platform. (two) in different climate and season, according to changes in the environment and demand for people's sensory climate, temperature, humidity, through PM2.5 sensor remote intelligent control lamp color temperature, brightness, color temperature and brightness to achieve a variety of safe and comfortable lighting. Chongqing City Cai Yuan Road Yuzhong district as an example, temperature, rain, fog, haze and lighting environment by automatic data acquisition remote intelligent control system, intelligent light color temperature adjustment is the most comfortable and safe lighting value (3000K-5700K). (three) the brightness of light can be remotely intelligently adjusted. In different time periods, light intensity, traffic flow and other circumstances, the light, light, ultrasonic, radar and other sensors intelligent control lamps and lanterns, to achieve a variety of brightness lighting mode. G50 Chongqing Chongqing Fuling Expressway in Tieshan, Huashan, Huang Caoshan, Ping Village, concentric Fort Temple tunnel; Yuzhong District Yuan Jiagang lawn, eling tunnel; Jiulongpo chenjiaping tunnel lighting as an example, in different periods of light adjustment for a variety of lighting mode, including "daytime mode", "night mode", "summer mode" and "winter mode" and "anti haze mode", which greatly improve the saving rate, and effectively solve the tunnel lighting for saving electricity is widely used in the control loops closed or interval caused by lighting dark area lights, there are traffic safety problems. (four) the important parameters such as luminance uniformity, illuminance uniformity and energy saving rate are all better than the national standard of LED street lamps. A new generation of multi-color temperature LED intelligent street lamp, one can be used when more than one ordinary monochromatic temperature LED street lamp, the cost performance is higher, can improve the light efficiency of 10%, and prolong the service life of lamps more than doubled. Intelligent color matching and dimming lighting are more comfortable, safe and energy-saving.

In September 2013, the Chongqing municipal government's support, I Division in the Chongqing District of Yuzhong City lawn Yuanjiagang tunnel, eling tunnel, Jiulongpo chenjiaping tunnel under the application of the technology. Chongqing City Lighting Management Bureau and Jiulongpo District of Chongqing City Street Management Office of tunnel engineering test on lawn Yuanjiagang, compared with the corresponding replacement of the original lamp, energy saving rate of 70.5%. The use of this technology in two years time, Chongqing Academy of Metrology and quality inspection in accordance with the "city road lighting design standards" CJJ45-2006 "and" GB/T5700-2008< > lighting measurement method for testing, the results meet the standard, and the technical indicators are better than ordinary monochromatic temperature LED lamp. The technology in the G50 of Chongqing Chongqing Fuling Expressway in Tieshan, Huashan, Huang Caoshan, Ping Village, concentric Fort Temple tunnel, Jiulongpo Shi Xin Lu, Shiping bridge tunnel, Yuzhong Caiyan, Nan'an District longhuang tunnel, wind road, the wind goose branch, tea residue field road, Yingbin Avenue in Fengdu County, Han Chongqing area Shapingba road tunnel, Fuling District poly Yunshan tunnel, Yunyang Qunyi, Wangjiang tunnel hundredthe 

application, the use effect is good, both owners and the community widely praised.
The technology won the first place in the national LED "haze reduction Innovation Technology Award" competition in 2015, and many media reported it. For example, Chongqing satellite TV "news broadcast" column reported that "innovation driven development" made in Chongqing "intelligent lamp reached the international advanced level", "Chongqing daily" reported that "the" made in Chongqing "anti haze LED lamp by domestic market favor", "Chongqing enterprises developed the chameleons LED street," "have you seen the chameleons no street"; Chinese network published "China created" the world soft light lamp color temperature, brightness adjustable remote LED street lamp, tunnel lamp". After that, hundreds of websites such as Chongqing people's government network were reprinted.

Internet plus color temperature, brightness and anti fog haze remote intelligent remote control of a new generation of LED
Smart street lighting application intelligent manufacturing technology case effect diagram display

Effect diagram of Yuen Yuan Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing

G50 Chongqing Chongqing Fuling Expressway Tunnel renderings of Fort Temple

G50 Chongqing Chongqing Fuling expressway toll station Jiangbei high pole lamp renderings

Project case real video display as follows: