"Ten Hui brand" multi-color temperature anti fog and fog, super long life LED tunnel light

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"Ten Hui card" color temperature of anti fog and haze, long life of LED tunnel lamp products imported CREE, meanwell power source. Has the following characteristics: first, anti fog and haze. Through the intelligent mobile phone terminal APP control software to realize the modulation of a variety of color: in spring and autumn, light color temperature adjustable 3700K (Nuan Baiguang); in the summer, the light color temperature adjustable 4000K (Zheng Baiguang); in winter, the light color temperature adjustable 3500K (Qian Huangguang); in the fog and haze lamp color temperature adjustable 3000K (yellow light), can achieve the anti haze effect. As the lights change with the season, making the human body feel more comfortable, a LED tunnel light can be used as three ordinary LED lamps, while the production cost is only two higher than that of ordinary single light LED tunnel lights. Two, the light source life of up to 60 thousand hours. Three, compared with the general single light source LED lamps, luminous flux is higher, energy saving rate increased by 10%. Chongqing is created, the leading domestic LED lamps, first-class new products.

"Ten Hui brand" multi-color temperature anti fog, super long life LED tunnel lights, lamps and lanterns main performance and targets:
1, lighting quality is good: through the effective two times to match the light, the ground illumination uniformity and brightness uniformity all achieves above 0.5.
2, high efficiency and energy saving: our research and development, manufacturing the LED tunnel lamp with high quality and efficient light source and power supply, the light effect is larger than 100lm/W, the power efficiency is more than 0.9.
3, small glare: light emitting lamps large, similar to the surface light source, effectively reduce glare.
4, the green environmental protection: LED light source is the main material for semiconductor material, silicon, gallium semiconductor material, does not contain harmful substances such as mercury and lead, and a long wave between 380-780nm, no infrared and ultraviolet, is the true sense of the green lighting.
5 、 long service life and low maintenance cost: the service life of the LED tunnel lamp is more than 60 thousand hours, and the material cost and labor cost of daily maintenance can be effectively reduced.
6, the color rendering is good: the color rendering index is above 70 (that is, the light shines on the object with high clarity), and the color index of the traditional sodium lamp source is only about 30.
7, a small decline: the radiator dust LED tunnel lamp with the national patent technology, good heat dissipation, a year of decline of less than 3%, 10 years, still meet the requirements of tunnel lighting; while the traditional high pressure sodium lamp ring is larger, a year of decline generally is 15%. Therefore, the LED tunnel lamp can effectively save maintenance costs.
8, energy saving control: after the installation of energy-saving control circuit, according to the road lighting at different time required to control the LED tunnel lights 50% power, so as to effectively reduce energy waste, and achieve the purpose of energy saving.
9, safe and reliable: the use of low voltage constant current drive power, the output voltage is between 18-36V, fully meet the safety voltage (36V) the following work range, safety performance is guaranteed.

Product specification:
Item number: LSSH-SDD160
Rated power: 40 - 160W
Input voltage: AC220V/50Hz
Power efficiency: >90%
Power factor: >95%
LED light effect: >120lm/W
Luminaire efficiency: >100lm/W
Color index: >70
Correlation color temperature: 3000-4500K
Working conditions: - 30 DEG C - +55
Protection level: IP66
Service life: 60 thousand hours
Lamp weight: 6 (kg)
Size: 305*360*180 (mm)
Suitable place: suitable for highway, highway tunnel; applicable to replace the following 400W sodium lamp, tunnel lamp, lamps and lanterns.